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Labour's 10 Pledges for Britain is good news for Wyre Forest

Mark had £10,000 worth of donations in 2015 before and after the general election, and given to Garnier, presumably, as part of a bigger donation to the Tories from OGN Newcastle.
OGN is an Oil Platform company that sacked most of its 2,000 workers, was in the red, facing closure, yet managed somehow to make a huge donation to the Tories and which then got awarded a Govt backed contract in offshore wind farms worth £10billion. A deal that seems to rest on Scottish Power ordering £150million of turbines whose Spanish owners look instead now to favour their own nationalised ship yards in Spain and so again any deal is in deep bother.
Mr Temerko, a Russian (Ukrainian born) Oligarch wanted for fraud in Russia (and which a British Court Judge refused extradition to for 'political' reasons), owns OGN and was on the infamous list of "dinner with Dave Cameron for cash" in 2014 at £50k a pop. Mr Temerko has personally donated £265,230 to the Tories since 2010, while his wind farm firm Offshore Group Newcastle has given £220,425. In 2012 OGN also got a £4.5million grant from the Department for Business, though of course Tory sources insisted it was not linked to Mr Temerko’s donations.
Mr Temerko is a man with some rather unsavoury views having likened refugees to "insects" despite himself having been granted asylum here and who thinks refugees should not be allowed to stay in Europe.
Is this the kind of language and associations that our MP approves of when he's happy to receive such money?
Stephen Brown said "Why did Mark Garnier get this money? What's his connection with this company? What's he expected to do in return? If it was redirected from Tory HQ, why? He is now a trade minister and this money could represent a conflict of interest as he swans about the world stage doing deals in the wake of Brexit. It helped him win this seat in May 2015 as his Tory election spending outstripped everyone else's in Wyre Forest".
Unfortunately, this is the kind of vested interests the working people of Wyre Forest are up against in getting someone who truly represents their interests. Garnier should be standing up for them, rather than for the more unpleasant side of big business. So, as people struggle to make ends meet thanks to policies that Garnier is voting for, Mr Garnier has some questions to answer.
Stephen Brown further said "Interestingly, PM Theresa May, is now trying to distance herself from Mr Termenko yet whilst Home Secretary did nothing to alert colleagues to the dangers of pro-Russian Forums within the Tory Party that lead to such donations. She actually attended the kind of fundraisers that sparked the 'dinner with Dave" scandal herself along with many other Cabinet Minsters. All rather hypocritical. I'm calling for him to pay this money back! In fact, the Tories should pay all the near £500,000 back and clear out their closet. Especially as true to form, Mr Termenko has been holding out supportive olive branches to the PM. If she is truly trying to put clear blue water between herself and Mr Cameron's regime, then she should do everything in her power to get her MP's to pay this money back and explain why they got it in the first place".

The inside story of the Tory election scandal

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Mark Garnier's election donations from Russian Oligarch "could represent a conflict of interest"

Mark had £10,000 worth of donations in 2015 before and after the general election, and given to Garnier, presumably, as part of a bigger donation to the Tories from OGN...

The Tory Government is imposing real terms funding cuts by freezing per-pupil funding while inflation and costs increase. The most deprived areas will be hit hardest.

The Education Policy Institute research found that under the proposed new formula even those schools which the government has said would benefit, would be worse off. This was because of inflation, reductions in local authority funding, and the £3billion worth of education savings that schools must make by 2019-20.

Using Government statistics, it is clear that even after the new Formula has been introduced, all schools in the Wyre Forest area will be worse off in real terms by 2020. The average real terms budget cut will be 9.5% in primary schools and 8.7% in secondaries.

For example, in Kidderminster, Birchen Coppice Primary will lose £250,000 or the equivalent of 7 teachers, whilst Baxter College will be £331,000 worse off equivalent to 8 teachers; and schools in Stourport and Bewdley will not fare any better with Bewdley School set to lose £303,000 meaning 8 teachers, with Stourport High School losing a whopping £741,000 which is 17 teachers.

Schools are already struggling with their finances. Budgets have been cut to the bone, class sizes have increased, subjects have been dropped from the curriculum and materials and resources are scarce. All this comes at a time of soaring pupil numbers and a developing crisis in teacher recruitment and retention. Not to mention the loss of arts subjects like dance, drama and music in many schools.

The current Government was elected on a manifesto that promised to protect school funding. It seems we are about to witness another broken Tory manifesto pledge.

Stephen Brown said "Schools in Wyre Forest are set to be hit hard by yet more Government cuts. Cuts that ironically Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier campaigned for in 2015/2016 under the guise of a fairer funding formula after getting local schools and parents to support him. Our MP is a fraud, he claims to stand up for Wyre Forest but the growing evidence is quite the opposite, he clearly has no idea what he's doing and I think those local schools and parents now have a right to be very angry. He's even boasting about this nonsense on his website. He continually supports policies detrimental to our communities. We'd like Mark Garnier to explain how education cuts totalling some £4.3million in Wyre Forest and thanks to his campaign, are going to improve our children's life chances? It is a fact that 28% of our residents already have no qualifications. We should be championing education to improve our children's prospects not destroying them. Worcestershire is already 123rd out of 151 councils in the school funding tables and this will make things worse. This is how a Tory Government rewards its own MP's and constituencies, by robbing kids of their education for daring to speak up. Meanwhile, the Government has got money to throw at pet ideological projects like divisive new Grammar and Free schools to the tune of £320million, now we know where that money is coming from. They should be supporting what we already have. It's a disgrace".

You can see the exact funding cuts to each school where you live here:

How will your local school be affected by funding cuts?

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Labour protest at proposed £4.3million cuts to Wyre Forest Schools (114 teachers could lose jobs)

The Tory Government is imposing real terms funding cuts by freezing per-pupil funding while inflation and costs increase. The most deprived areas will be hit hardest. The Education Policy Institute...

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