Can you understand why many are walking around blinkered or blind to our problems, or maybe they are using Europe as an excuse because they have another agenda.

What really is affecting the folks of Kidderminster and beyond. Is Europe to blame?

Would leaving Europe influence zero hour contracts, which moved people from the unemployment figures by virtually putting them into a underclass with no chance or dignity and will leaving Europe save us from the Bedroom Tax and benefit caps that have seen people pushed in ever growing numbers to food banks.

Will leaving Europe save us from the scourge of disability tests that have seen those less able have their benefits sanctioned, resulting in some taking their own lives. Was it Europe that allowed payday loan companies to charge interest rates of up to 5000%? Is in Europe that condemns benefit cheats but, allows big businesses to escape their moral duty to pay their fair share of tax? I could also talk about the cutting back on Ambulance services, the NHS being privatised and warden services for the most vulnerable closing or people being made to pay for essential services that were once free. I could go on and onÂ…

So let’s have a fair debate.

Remember even if we didn’t have our connections with Europe they still own most of our power supply and railway system.

It was Europe however that brought in the Equality Act which helped disabled workers from being discriminated against at work. It is Europe that is investing in Kidderminster and other areas across the country and Europe helps build the businesses of Britain by the many trading advantages we have by being a member state.

It’s not Europe that’s bringing Britain down, it’s this Government. The British people should be aware of the dangerous path we walk by demonising sections of our society, be it immigrants or the disabled or unemployed.

Better the devil you know, however bad I think this Con-Dem Government is I would put them above an isolationist racist Britain.

Having said that, they cannot be the best we have, can they? What do you think?

Paul Connor is the Labour Candidate for Wyre Forest District Council, Sutton Park Ward.

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