Has local Tory MP Mark Garnier accidentally told us what he really thinks about the people of Wyre Forest? Back in 2002 Theresa May, in a rare piece of honesty for a Tory politician, said that the problem for her party is that it was seen as the ‘nasty party’: out dated and out of touch. She urged the Conservative Party to change its policies to appeal to modern Britain. Like the marketing man that Cameron was before he became an MP, our Prime Minister has done his best to give the Tory Party an acceptable image. But, underneath the shiny new exterior lies the true face of the Conservative Party and one that has been exposed for all to see over the last few weeks.

First George Osborne’s father in law, Lord Howell, called for fracking to take place in the “unloved” North West and “desolate” North East (but not, of course, in his back yard). Next up was Andrew Mitchell who the courts have now decided did call a police officer a “pleb” because he didn’t doff his cap to his ‘better’. Then we had former Tory Cabinet Member, David Mellor, telling a taxi driver that he was a “sweaty little s**t” because he didn’t show due deference to the great man.

And now we have Mark Garnier saying that we need to be thinking about the “wealth creators” rather than “a few dog-end voters who live in outlying regions”. In other words we should be shedding our tears for the rich bankers who our MP used to work with in the City rather than the people of Wyre Forest who have had to endure the stagnating wages and falling living standards imposed by his government.

Put simply the Tory Party is contemptuous of most ordinary people when they are not after their votes. That is what they really believe when they talk amongst themselves or think nobody is listening. They receive their money from multi-millionaires and deliver tax cuts for the rich whilst introducing the Bedroom Tax for the least well off and tolerating zero hours contracts. It is no surprise that in a recent poll most voters still believe that the Tories are a party which looks after the rich and ignores everyone else. Mark Garnier once pointed out that he had taken a pay cut to become MP for Wyre Forest. Perhaps the time has come to relieve him of that ‘burden’?

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