Brexit Island
Brexit Island

“Completely bonkers” is how our Tory MP Mark Garnier has described this weeks’ events in Parliament and Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper U-turn in his Shuttle Opinion Page.

In yet another pointless article, he pretends to be the voice of moderation. ‘Pretends’ is they key here because our MP is always guilty of breathtaking hypocrisy when it comes to what he says publicly and what he actually votes for in Parliament.

Last week he wanted a trade deal including on services to ensure economic stability and added this week that he wants an ‘orderly Brexit’. However, in Parliament, he’s voted for anything but an orderly Brexit, and virtually assured a no deal or bad deal Brexit will happen now, by going along with the hard-right Tory Brexiteer amendments, and which Labour opposed.

What’s Wyre Forest Labour response?

We believe this chaos cannot continue, its damaging our economic future and will cost jobs, including here in Wyre Forest. Whether you voted for Brexit or not, it is the responsibility of MPs to serve the interests of the country to ensure stability. Mark Garnier and his Tory chums have failed every one of us.

Wyre Forest Labour is calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign and call a General Election. Britain needs a Labour Government now to sort out this Tory made mess.

Stephen Brown, Wyre Forest Labour Press Officer said “The country deserves better than these shambolic self-serving Tories, who even tried to call an early holiday for MPs to save Theresa May from any leadership challenge in order to get her off the hook. So yes, “completely bonkers” is about right Mark, so maybe you can explain why you’re actually supporting this madness?”

Stephen added “By voting for the hard-right Tory ERG Brexit amendments, Garnier has voted against protecting trade and services, voted against protecting UK jobs, and voted against the interests of our economy. He’s voted to block any common rules between us and the EU essential for trade. Of course, he knows all of this but Tory politicians would sooner you didn’t know or understand this in order to continue the illusion that everything is just fine and dandy. It all means crashing out of the EU without any meaningful deal more likely. Indeed, this week, the Govt has started drafting advice for citizens on the problems we’ll face if we crash out, and making plans to stockpile everything from medicines to food. Further, the EU has confirmed it’s advised member states to expect a no deal Brexit. This is not good news.”

Labour believes this is a betrayal of the country’s economic interests and in the case of Mark Garnier, his constituents. No one voted Brexit to be poorer, to see wages and the economy suffer. So, it’s about time the Tories faced up to reality rather than scrabbling around trying to save themselves just to cling to power. Tories have had their time, had their chance, and have blown it. It’s time they stood aside.

Stephen Brown concluded “If Labour were in Government, we would negotiate for a jobs first Brexit with the EU. There’d be none of this hysterical Tory Brexiteer rhetoric that is currently causing untold damage in our negotiations. The Tories are more concerned about saving their own skins and so lying about any Brexit deal in order to save face. Labour will protect worker rights, citizens rights, environmental and consumer laws, and seek single market access with a customs union so that the economy and jobs are protected, including for our constituents in Wyre Forest. That’s the kind of Brexit we believe people voted for.”

Labour’s plan for Brexit

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