Mark Garnier
Mark Garnier's most recent junket to the USA funded by Le Cercle

So, it seems that the Kidderminster Shuttle is not interested in a story that Wyre Forest Labour submitted last week about the potential negative impact on the 19,000 jobs dependent on EU exports should the Tories concoct a no deal Brexit. You can read the full story on our website and on Facebook.

However, this morning, they did run a story online about 2 chickens being stolen from a shed in Bromsgrove.

We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the relative importance of these stories.

Wyre Forest Labour did protest in the past to one of the editors about Shuttle Tory bias. They claimed there was none of course.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Mark Garnier, gets to spin his Party line every week in the Shuttle pages unchallenged. The Shuttle has even given up on its letters page. This means local people don’t even get the chance to have their say either. So much for holding local politicians to account. So whilst advertising is important to the income of The Shuttle, is it being done at the expense of important local news? Are they so sure that adverts are more important to the local community? This has all come about since a recent re-organisation at The Shuttle which saw previous journalists leave. They won’t like us saying this of course but they need to know. If it continues like this it could cost them dear as social media and other online sources take over.

Nevertheless, we thought you might like to know that your Tory MP Mark Garnier, according to the magazine Private Eye, went on another overseas junket before Christmas costing some £4,000. You can add it to the UAE, Saudia Arabia, and Israel. It usually follows he then champions their interests above those of representing his actual constituents – you know, the ones who put him there that enables him to go on these pointless junkets with dubious benefit to the people of Wyre Forest.

The most recent junket was to the USA on a 4 day trip courtesy of a shady organisation called “Le Cercle”. It’s linked to hawkish US politicians and the intelligence community. It all sounds very James Bond but fits in with Mark’s interests for dodgy organisations and countries. After all, for a man keen to smear Jeremy Corbyn over farcical terrorist links, he’s a bit keen to keep his own rather questionable interests quiet. A bit like he was keen to stay under the radar when it emerged he’s a sexist, sending his secretary to buy dildos, and referring to her as ‘sugar tits’. You’ll recall it cost him his Ministerial job. Shame that.

This man is your MP, but as voters you have the chance to put that right and elect someone who will represent Wyre Forest, it’s constituents, and its interests, come the next election. Which may be sooner than you imagine. There’s a 60% chance it will happen before the end of March we are told.

Let’s hope The Shuttle is paying attention when that happens and some chickens don’t get stolen.

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